Abortion Funding

“Build Back Better Plan” Forces American Taxpayers To Pay For Abortions In America And Other Nations.

By Nevada Right to Life

President Biden’s multi-trillion dollar so called “Build Back Better” plan being considered by the Congress will force the American Taxpayer to fund abortion not only in the United States, but in other nations.

Not only would it exclude the 45 year old Hyde Amendment which has prohibited federal taxpayer funding of abortion through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) and the patchwork of other amendments which have been an effective ban on taxpayer funding of abortion, it would exclude the Helms Amendment which prohibits the funding of abortions in other nations. It would also provide massive subsidies for Obamacare insurance policies that provide abortion, override some state laws prohibiting abortion in Obamacare funded policies and provide billions of dollars to various health grants without Hyde Amendment protections.

All these protections have played a huge role in the dramatic, nearly fifty percent reduction in the number of yearly abortions. The Hyde Amendment alone is widely recognized as having a significant impact on the number of abortions in the United States by saving an estimated 2.4 million American lives. The Build Back Better bill, as written, would reverse all of this. 

The House of Representatives has passed the bill. Nevada Congresswomen Dina Titus, Susie Lee and Congressman Steven Horsford voted for it. Congressman Mark Amodei voted against it. The bill, with its abortion funding provisions, still needs to pass the Senate. Please Contact Nevada Senators Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto and ask them to oppose the bill.

1. Please call and/or email your Nevada Senator

Please email Senator Cortez Masto  


Las Vegas (702) 388-5020 

Washington, Dc (202) 224-3542

Reno (775) 686-5750 

Rural Mobile Office (775) 225-1457

Please Email Senator Rosen


Washington, DC 202-224-6244

Las Vegas 702-388-0205

Reno 775-337-0110

2. Message:

I oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. The Build Back Better bill funds abortion with US taxpayer dollars in America and other nations by removing the Hyde and other amendments which ban taxpayer funding of abortion. It will also fund abortion through subsidies and other direct grants without any taxpayer funding prohibitions. Please oppose the Build Back Better bill.

Thanks for being a Voice for Life.

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