A “scary time” for new head of NARAL

By Dave Andrusko

Oh, joy, just what the Democrats, already staring into the abyss, needed. The new head of NARAL, Mini Timmaraju, promises to make them even more out of whack with the American people on abortion:

In an interview, Timmaraju said her goal is to help Democrats be more competitive — especially at the local and state level — by sharing NARAL’s data and research around abortion access and reproductive rights with candidates to help inform their messaging

Ah, yes, “messaging.”

Some context. Pro-abortion Democrats (is there any other kind?) are either looking at last Tuesday disaster in Virginia and deciding that they need to emphasize new issues (or at least approach them differently), or believe, as Ms. Timmaraju does, that “The right-wing misinformation machine is getting more sophisticated.” In other words, look at what truly motivated voters in the Commonwealth or fall into the trap that they succumb to the wily right wing.

What are her credentials? In an interview with Axios, we learn that

She just wrapped up a nine-month gig advising the Biden-Harris administration on diversity, equity and inclusion.

In 2016, she worked with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as its national women’s vote director.

So, how’s that working out for you? After Clinton disappointed all the “experts” and lost to President Trump, Timmaraju took a sabbatical before lending her talent to Biden-Harris which has (as the Babylon Bee amusing put) a combined job approval of 66%–38% for Biden and a lowest in recorded history 28% for Harris.

In conclusion, Timmaraju told Axios’s Alexi McCammond, “It’s a scary moment for the movement and a very scary moment for the American people, for folks like me who’ve known Roe v. Wade to be the law of the land my entire life.”

True enough. It is a scary time for those who thought that they had a free pass to annihilate nearly 900,000 unborn babies in perpetuity.

Let’s hope their fears are realized.