Unable to move pro-abortion legislation, anti-life forces turn to the endorsing full slate of judicial candidates

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Published reports indicate that pro-abortion forces are pouring significant sums of money into Pennsylvania’s judicial races.

Unable to advance pro-abortion legislation in the Keystone State’s General Assembly, abortion advocates are devoting their resources to the judiciary.

Planned Parenthood’s political arm in Pennsylvania has endorsed a full slate of candidates for the state Supreme Court, the Superior Court, and the Commonwealth Court. As a result, an off-year election which would ordinarily receive little attention has come under the spotlight.

Thankfully, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Political Action Committee has identified judicial candidates who are unlikely to try to make laws from the bench. These are individuals of integrity and honesty who have pledged to uphold the Constitution and the values we hold dear.

You can find a downloadable Pennsylvania voter’s guide by clicking here.

Pro-life advocates are energized and motivated for this year’s judicial contests. They know that life is literally on the line in this election. The votes we cast on November 2nd could have an incredible impact for decades to come.

If you live in Pennsylvania, be sure to cast your vote. Courageous men and women have fought and died for this sacred right, and we must never take it for granted.

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