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Don’t hold your breath

If Democrats don’t win big because of abortion, if candidates like Greg Abbott in Texas… Read More

2 hours ago

Pro-abortion Guttmacher reports that “100 Days Post-Roe: At Least 66 Clinics Across 15 US States Have Stopped Offering Abortion Care”

By Dave Andrusko On the off-chance we might underestimate how important passing state legislation is… Read More

2 hours ago

Idaho Supreme Court hears challenge to the state’s very protective abortion laws

By Dave Andrusko The Idaho Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today for and against… Read More

3 hours ago

West Virginians for Life 2022 State Convention Dispels Myths, Offers Encouragement

By Alicia Martin  Keynote Speaker was NRLC American Victims of Abortion Director Olivia Gans Turner… Read More

3 hours ago

Incredibly large shift of conservative Latinos from Democrats to Republicans

By Dave Andrusko You will almost always find more interesting stories on the “Meet the… Read More

3 hours ago