Pro-abortion Democrats on the ballot this November face unprecedented “federal headwinds”

By Dave Andrusko

Oh, boy. When you read headline such “Biden’s ‘tough month’ looms over Democratic campaigns in 2021”; “Democrats are going down, down, down”; “Can Dems defy the single party curse?”; and that President Joe Biden’s approval rating “has fallen from 52.4 percent to 44.5 percent in the FiveThirtyEight average, with disapproval outstripping approval since the end of August,” you don’t have to be a political savant to figure out that pro-abortion Democrats in general, Biden-Harris in particular may be in trouble.

Biden’s stridency on abortion—he has flipped on the bottom line, the Hyde Amendment—is emblematic of how increasing out of touch the president and his party are with the American people.

Maybe Biden actually thinks that millions of American aren’t aware that he wants to pick their pockets to pay for something they find abhorrent.

Maybe the President believes his own rhetoric: that it is somehow just that an additional 60,000 babies each year will lose their lives if this fail-safe provision is eliminated.

More likely, he is counting on abortion to be buried in meaningless rhetoric about “reproductive justice.”

Wow, does Biden not understand the Pro-Life Movement and its utter determination not to allow the abortion issue to be hidden away.

Back to the grim fortune that may be in store for pro-abortion Democrats. CNN’s Dan Merica writes

Democrats who were once buoyant that a well-liked President Joe Biden and popular agenda moving through Congress could propel the party to wins in 2021 are now worried that a trying few months for the President and sluggish poll numbers could impact people like Terry McAuliffe, the party’s gubernatorial nominee in Virginia, and Phil Murphy, the incumbent governor running for reelection in New Jersey.

“If people don’t wake up,” said a Democratic operative working in Virginia, “we are in trouble.” …

If Congress [Democrats control both Houses of Congress and the presidency] is unable to pass anything ahead of this year’s elections, the party risks being viewed as unable to govern in power, something voters could hold against Democrats on the ballot in November.

Keep reading NRL News Today as we approach the November elections, particularly Virginia, for further validation that, as Merica wrotes, “The federal headwinds against Democrats on the ballot this November have never been stronger.”