Journalist discusses why journalists don’t like to write about abortion

By Sarah Terzo

A journalist, Conor Friedersdorf, offers 14 theories why other journalists didn’t cover the Kermit Gosnell trial:

Writing about abortion, like writing about the Israel-Palestine conflict, guarantees (a) extreme abuse from readers no matter where you come down; (b) extreme, tedious scrutiny of every word you write; (c) certain knowledge that personal friends and family members will find themselves in strong, emotional disagreement with you; (d) the discouraging impression that no fact or argument presented will change anyone’s mind; (e) the accusation that you are complicit in something even worse than what Hitler did, or else that you hate women and want to control their bodies, or both.

There’s also the feeling that, by raising the subject, you’re bringing out the very worst in some people. The way they behave to one another in comments and characterize people on the other side of the debate over email is unsettling. Perhaps there’s a journalistic analogue of deliberately avoiding abortion at dinner parties, even ones where political debate is valued and encouraged”

“14 Theories for Why Kermit Gosnell’s Case Didn’t Get More Media Attention.” The Atlantic APRIL 15, 2013.

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