Get a Choose Life license plate and save unborn babies!

By Louisiana Right to Life

A young woman stood outside a New Orleans-area abortion facility and braced herself for what was about to happen. Her appointment was set to begin in a few minutes, and she was nervous.

She walked slowly, then hesitated at the door. She looked up toward the sky, and in a soft, scared voice, she spoke to God. “Please send me a sign,” she begged. “Please tell me what to do.”

As she reached for the door she heard a car pass by, and instinctively she turned around. And there it was, her sign from God. She saw the words “Choose Life” on the back of that car. Instead of going into the abortion facility as she’d planned, the young woman visited a pregnancy resource center and chose life for her baby.

Have you seen a Choose Life license plate on the road? Do you have one on your vehicle? If not, please consider making the switch. For each two-year Choose Life plate issued by the state of Louisiana, $50 goes to agencies working with mothers who are considering adoption for their unborn babies.

The Louisiana Choose Life License Plate program is managed by Louisiana Right to Life and has distributed more than $525,000 to pro-life pregnancy centers, adoption agencies and other family organizations since its inception in 1999.

Court challenges held up permanent sales of the plate until 2006, and grants have been awarded regularly since 2008. That year 10 agencies split $20,000. In 2021, 22 qualifying agencies received grants totaling $41,800.

According to the state statute, 50 percent of the money organizations receive must be used to provide for the material needs of expectant mothers considering adoption, such as clothing, housing, medical care, food, utilities and transportation. The remaining money can be used for counseling, training and providing pregnancy testing.

While the women helped with grant money are thinking about adoption, some ultimately choose to parent, thanks to the love and support they received from the agencies supported by the Choose Life grant.

Will you help these and other agencies by getting a Choose Life plate?  Visit for more information.

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