Election Day in Virginia Only Six Days Away!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life

The candidates are traveling all over the state trying to reach as many people as possible in the hopes of drawing more voters to their team. They make many stops along the way, giving speeches, talking to individuals and groups, spelling out what matters in this election and what they see as priorities. It’s a lot of hard work to run a campaign and that’s just the beginning, especially if you get elected to the office! Let’s look at where the candidates have stopped along the way…

At a glance, we see that pro-life Glenn Youngkin went to a Fire Station in Burke, VA where he drew a crowd too big for the facility. There were well over 100 people waiting at the door, down the steps and into the parking lot, listening to everything going on inside through a speaker being piped to the outside.

When Glenn was done speaking inside, he came out and stood on the back of a pick-up truck with a megaphone and talked directly to those who couldn’t get inside.

Then you have pro-abortion Terry McAuliffe, who went to a meeting in Richmond with a few Planned Parenthood people to talk abortion promotion and later, at the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, claimed that no women owned businesses would come to Virginia without easy abortion access.

Where they go and the people they choose to visit indicates where their priorities stand. McAuliffe has promised to be the abortion Governor because that’s where his priorities are. Youngkin promises to support the lives of children in and outside the womb. Who would you rather stand with?

Election Fatigue?

Are the TV, radio, and social media ads getting to you? It’s understandable, but please hold on for six more days because there is so much at stake!! The sense of urgency ramps things up because this election affects the present and the future of Virginia and beyond. There are a lot of unborn lives at stake, as well as their mothers, those who live with disabilities or chronic illness, and the elderly.

Remember, a pro-abortion victory at the polls this year will not only open the door to more abortions in Virginia but could also soon lead to attacks on the lives of other vulnerable people.

There is talk about Virginia being a bellwether state and the way of Virginia could be the way the elections in 2022 will go. No matter what, we are looking forward to what we want for our future, hoping that good leaders can help turn Virginia and the rest of the country toward supporting and protecting life in all its stages.

So, don’t lose hope and stay the course by encouraging those around you to be informed and to vote! Our lives and future lives are at stake!

Watch this VSHL Video urging pro-life Virginians to get educated on the issues before they vote. All of the ads include a link to the Voter Comparison on the VSHL Website.