Biden’s approval numbers in free fall

By Dave Andrusko 

When the company that conduct the Des Moines Register poll signals Joe Biden is in trouble, it really is time to pay attention. Grinnell College and Selzer and Company ‘s numbers almost always are favorable to Democrats. So when President Biden is underwater by -13 point in his job approval (37% approval compared 50%  disapproval) in the latest Grinnell-Seltzer poll, heads all but swivel.

But it’s the total and absolute collapse of his support among Independents that is the most telling—ominous–of all. “Broken down by the party of the participants, the poll shows independent voters made a massive shift in who they would elect,” according to Kelly Maricle. “Grinnell College National Poll Director Peter Hanson said in exit polling from the 2020 election, Biden won independent voters by 54% to 41% margin.” Yesterday he receive 28%.

Political commentator Karl Rove pointed out, “It is 37% approval for Biden among independents [that is] down 24 points from where he began in January.”

With the economy, as always, vitally important, an anemic 36% of Americans believe the economy will be in a stronger position a year from now – an 11-point drop from March 2021.

“Right now, the math is simple: a majority of Americans believe the economy will be doing worse in 12 months than it is today, and that pessimism is keeping President Biden’s approval ratings in the basement,” said Hanson.

 “Biden’s approval ratings look even worse in the demos” among those groups most loyal to Democrats, Ed Morrissey of HotAir reports

He’s fallen to 41/45 among women, 39/42 among voters under 35, and gets a weak 47/37 among non-white respondents. College graduates only give Biden a 45/45 wash, and urban voters have him slightly underwater at 42/44 (suburbs at 44/44). Even Biden’s fellow Catholics are unhappy with his performance at 36/54.

Grinnell college is located in Iowa. Speaking of which…

“Thirty-one percent of Iowans approve of how Biden is handling his job, while 62% disapprove and 7% are not sure, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll,” Stephen Gruber-Miller of the Des Moines Register reported.

“That’s a 12 percentage point drop in approval from June, the last time the question was asked. Biden’s disapproval numbers jumped by 10 points during the same period. In June, 43% approved and 52% disapproved.”