What to do with pro-abortion Vice President Harris? What else, invite in practicing abortionists and “activists”

By Dave Andrusko

Leave it to a rapidly-sinking-in-the-polls President Joe Biden to not only have chosen an unprecedentedly unpopular Kamala Harris as his vice president but also to tab her to carry water as they attempt to drown Texas’s SB8, the Heartbeat law. 

In case you’re wondering, the recent average of Real Clear Politics polls has Harris at a minus 9.2 favorability (41.2% favorable, 50.4% unfavorable). USA Today recently gauged her favorable number  at 35% versus 54% unfavorable—a whopping -19.

Besides sending her on a meaningless junket to Vietnam, what does a President Biden do? Send her out to campaign for pro-abortion Gov. Gavin Newsom who is facing a recall, a trip which “represented Harris’s first major foray on the campaign trail since becoming vice president,” The Hill tells us. She tore into Republicans in general, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in particular. Abbott signed SB8 into law.

That’s for starters. We were told by Glamour magazine’s Jenny Singer that “Vice President Kamala Harris Will Welcome Abortion Providers and Patients to the White House” [www.glamour.com/story/kamala-harris-will-welcome-abortion-providers-and-patients-to-the-white-house Abortion Rights]. Actually, Harris met with abortionist Bhavik Kumar and a group of abortion providers, activists, and patients on Thursday.

Singer is dutifully impressed that on August 31, the last day before SB8 took effect, “Kumar was able to provide abortions for all 60 of his patients—more than any other day in his career” before writing that “The next day, with the ban in effect, only six patients came in for appointments. Under the new law, half did not qualify to receive an abortion.”

Singer interviewed Rohini Kosoglu, domestic policy advisor to vice president Harris, who assured Glamour magazine that the Biden administration was in full-court-press mode:

“This administration overall is committed to ensuring that every American has access to health care, including reproductive health care, full stop,” Kosoglu said. “We are working hand in glove with the Department of Health and Human Services and the other agencies across this administration to ensure that they’re using any federal lever that they can to help protect these women.”

While the news is unfortunate, it is 100% predictable. Elections really do have consequences which is why the Abortion Lobby could not be happier that they have a full-throated pro-abortion Biden-Harris administration in the White House.