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Virginia Election Update

The Virginia gubernatorial debate on September 16th showed the stark contrast between the candidates on abortion. At the debate, Democrat Terry McAuliffe emphasized his support for abortion on demand. He has spent recent weeks on the campaign trail touting his extreme pro-abortion position, which includes abortion for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy and taxpayers funding abortions and abortion providers.

By contrast, Republican Glenn Youngkin is pro-life and supports legislation to protect unborn children. Youngkin also opposes the use of our tax dollars for abortion.

Similarly, there is a clear difference between the lieutenant governor candidates on abortion. Republican Winsome Sears says, “I understand the importance of protecting life. As the next Lt. Governor of Virginia, I will fight to protect life, not devalue it.” She opposes abortion on demand and taxpayer funding of abortion. Hala Ayala supports a policy of abortion on demand, which would allow abortion for any reason.

For Attorney General, Jason Miyares is pro-life and supports protection for unborn children. As a delegate, he voted against bills that canceled Virginia’s protective laws for unborn babies and their mothers. His opponent, incumbent Mark Herring, has a pro-abortion record. If re-elected, Herring will continue to use the Attorney General’s office to advocate for abortion on demand.

In addition to the statewide races, all 100 House of Delegates seats are up for grabs.

Virginians should consult the Virginia Society for Human Life voter guide at and be sure they and their friends go to the polls to vote.

In-person early voting is now open and runs through October 30th. Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd.

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