Pro-choice author supports eugenics, says only “delicate” people are offended

By Sarah Terzo

Although he admits being “extremely conflicted” about abortion, Brent Elisens writes

“consciousness cannot emerge before 24 gestational weeks… To me this would mean that abortions before 16 weeks (giving the 24 weeks a wide berth) would be morally sound.”

He also supports eugenics:

“Eugenics is a controversial subject. Often an offensive one. However, only for delicate people… Obviously, saying that a specific race or class of people is not allowed to reproduce is morally disgusting… [But] why are welfare people allowed to have four, five, and six kids? While on welfare?”

Brent Elisens, The Adoption Option With a Portion of Abortion (2021).

Editor’s note. This appears at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.