Lame duck Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf tweets his opposition to pro-life Texas law

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The most pro-abortion Governor in Pennsylvania history is once again taking to Twitter to promote his radical agenda.

Democrat Tom Wolf tweeted Wednesday in opposition to Texas’ protective law which shields preborn babies and their mothers from the devastation of abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detected.

Wolf, who never lets a pro-abortion crisis go to waste, posted this message on Twitter: “Texas has effectively banned abortions. I won’t let that happen here in Pennsylvania.”

Wolf is a lame-duck Governor who used to volunteer as a Planned Parenthood clinic escort. He has never met a pro-life law he liked. Next year, Pennsylvania will elect a new Chief Executive. Thankfully, a number of pro-life public officials aspire to the post.

In his tweet, Wolf repeated the lie that there is something medicinal about taking the life of a defenseless preborn child. He stated, “Abortion is health care and will remain an option to be discussed between patients and their doctors. My veto is ready.”

It is incredibly sad that the state’s top Democrat has been deluded into thinking that abortion is beneficial for a woman’s health. Abortion is not a cure—rather, it is the cause of a number of medical issues, including a perforated uterus, post-abortion trauma, and other maladies.

The Wolf years have represented a setback for the cause of the life in the Keystone State. What a disappointing departure Wolf is from the late Democratic Governor Robert Casey, Sr., who courageously stood up to Party officials to defend the rights of innocent preborn children.

Gov. Wolf is decidedly out of touch with the majority of Pennsylvanians, who oppose most abortions. One can only hope the end of the Wolf era will mean the rebirth of a culture of life in Pennsylvania.