Against all odds, may every pregnant mother have the opportunity to hear her child’s laughter

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It was the laughter that struck me. The unmistakable sound of children’s laughter, coming from somewhere outside my apartment. The giggles were a refreshing escape from the monotony of the day, and they instantaneously made me smile.

It is for them that advocates for life struggle against tremendous odds. Despite pro-abortion forces in Washington, D.C. and our state capitols, we stand ready to constantly defend the rights of those precious children to breathe, to play, and to laugh.

Abortion forever silences that laughter, that childlike wonder, that hope. It eliminates a wondrous, irreplaceable human being and leaves a mother to mourn her lost child. It deprives Dads of the noble calling of fatherhood, and leaves grandparents without their precious offspring.

And so we press on, knowing that our cause is just and that there are so many people depending on us. The giants of the tech industry may try to silence us. But truth and justice will eventually win out.

We will not rest until every single child is welcomed in life and protected under the law. We will work diligently and enthusiastically at the state and federal level for common sense protections for preborn babies and their mothers.

Ours is a movement of hope and of love. We hope for a world in which abortion is unthinkable. We love both mother and child, bringing comfort in what can seem like a world of despair.…and may every child be given the chance to live and laugh in freedom and in peace.

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