15 important facts about unborn babies at 15 weeks

By Dave Andrusko

While we have written extensively about the Texas Heartbeat Law, National Right to Life has also reminded readers that the Supreme Court has already agreed to review Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act. At issue in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is a 2018 law that prohibits abortion after the 15th week with very few exceptions. The justices will address one specific issue: “Whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.”

The Lozier Institute just produced a handy overview of “15 facts at 15 weeks”. Here are six of those 15 facts, compiled by Katrina Furth, Ph.D.  

* All of the major organs have formed.

* The heart pumps 26 quarts of blood per day

* The entire body responds to touch.

* Brain connections formed at 15 weeks’ gestation last into   adulthood.

* The fetus has practiced breathing for over six weeks.

* Surgeons have successfully performed surgery on fetuses at 15 weeks’ gestation.

Each item is explained in detail with links to studies proving the assertion. Do take a few minutes out and read “15 facts at 15 weeks”. As Furth concludes

It is clear from the science that unborn children at 15 weeks’ gestation are already amazingly complex human beings. They can be treated as independent patients, they show preferences independent from their mothers, and they have goal-directed behaviors. These humans deserve protection, too.