Latest NRL News brings you cutting edge news and a complete review of 2021 National Right to Life Convention

By Dave Andrusko

A quick preface. Now that you’ve received the July digital edition of National Right to Life News, I trust that you are well into this 51-page issue and that you have, or about to, drop me a line with your thoughts. My email address is

As our readers know, we produce NRL News Today Monday through Saturday and NRL News once a month. The July issue, which you received in your email box this past Wednesday included not only the best of the previous month’s stories but also a bevy of new commentaries and breaking news.

For example, on page one, Jennifer Popik, J.D., NRLC Federal Legislative Director, brought you the absolute latest on how “Democrats seek to destroy 40 years of bi-partisan support against taxpayer funded abortion.” The very next day the House Committee on Appropriations met for the markup of FY2022 appropriations bills. Noticeably absent were any Hyde Amendment provisions in the budget language.

Also on page one was one of the many emphases of the July issue of “the pro-life newspaper of record”—the recently concluded 50th National Right to Life convention. I interviewed convention director Jacki Ragan who said of the June 25-26 convention, “It was as  close to perfect as any event can be.”

That was just the opening. We talked about the pro-life educational event of the year on pages 3, 7, 22-23, 26, 36, and 43-47.

We discussed just about every topic you could imagine. For example, the potentially historic legal challenge in Great Britain, Wales, and Scotland which allows abortion up until birth when the baby is prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome (page 2).

Several stories about politics, including “What Every pro-life candidate needs to know about abortion” (page 4) and “Pro-Abortion EMILY’s List Sets Targets for 2022 Senate Elections” (page 6),  both written by Political Director Karen Cross.

With all the attention focused on the Hyde Amendment, in addition to the page one story, we have “A quick 5-point primer on the Hyde Amendment” (page 8).

There is a treasure trove of heartwarming stories all through the issue, including “Choice42 produces another pro-life masterpiece, “’So, You’re Pregnant’” (page 14). And many examples of courage under pressure.

Next week we’ll talk more about our current issue. Please be sure to read the July edition and pass it along to your pro-life family and friends.