“Is there any better way to fully immerse yourself in the pro-life movement?”

By Kylie Gallegos

Editor’s note. Today marks the end of the five-week-long National Right to Life Academy. We asked Kylie Gallegos and Grace Lake to share their experiences with NRL News Today readers.

(Left to Right) Laura Echevarria, Press Secretary and Communications Director; Academy student Kylie Gallegos; Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRL Academy Director; Academy student Grace Lake; and Olivia Gans Turner, Director, American Victims of Abortion

Showing up in Washington DC the first day I had no idea what to expect. I had heard bits and pieces about subjects I’d be learning about and I had the vague idea of what a practicum was, but for the most part I was stepping in blindly. 

What I found very quickly was a group of people united by their love of life and the unborn; they had decades of experience working to defend life all across the country and they were eager to share it with us. 

The National Right to Life convention in June flew by and we began life in Alexandria, Virginia learning, reading, studying, and of course practicing. Our teachers laid before us knowledge that they’d collected over their many years of experience. 

We covered biology, ethics, philosophy, rhetoric, history, strategy, debate, and law. Is there any better way to fully immerse yourself in the pro-life movement? It was every pro-life talking point and more, but in incredible depth that could only be achieved through 5-weeks of living and breathing pro-life.

Besides the classes, NRL didn’t leave it up to us to figure out real-life applications on our own: they prepared us for lobbying, public speaking, press conference, press release, social media, ad campaigns, short film, interview, column writing, debate, and tv panel. All of our bases are covered for life as an advocate for the unborn in a world totally opposed to what we stand for.

The National Right to Life has given me confidence to confront the nation’s toughest issue, and I am eternally grateful that they were willing to invest in me the way that they did.