Abortionists know they are ending human lives

By Sarah Terzo

John Powell, SJ, observed:

Then I actually began debating abortionists and found that no one ever questioned my assertion that every abortion kills an innocent human being. One doctor whom I debated simply said, “When you solve in some other way all the problems I can solve by abortions, I’ll be on your side.”…

When I realized that the doctors who perform abortions know that they are ending human lives, know that the fetus is not just a blob of protoplasm, I told myself that America is already operating on the principle of pragmatism. We have bought the idea that you can end a human life to solve a problem.

John Powell, “The Silent Holocaust,” in Jeff Lane Hensley’s The Zero People (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Servant Books, 1983)p. 9.

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