Several key pro-life provisions kept in Ohio budget

By Ohio Right to Life

COLUMBUS, Ohio– Yesterday, the Ohio Legislature passed a biennial operating budget which maintained several key pro-life provisions. These included $6 million for the Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Program which provides funding for pregnancy centers and amendments which protect parents’ conscience rights and strengthen requirements for doctors who are listed as back-up physicians. Governor DeWine is expected to sign the bill before July 1st, when the state’s new fiscal year begins. 

 “These pro-life provisions in our budget protect women, religious freedom and our school aged children,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “It’s rather sad that these groups oppose such policies. Left unchecked, the radical pro-abortion industry would have an abortion clinic on every street corner and indoctrinate our children to engage in unsafe and unhealthy practices. 

Mike Gonidakis added, “Thankfully a vast majority of Ohioans oppose abortion and support pro-life policies. Elections have consequences and we elected a pro-life super majority in the legislature. We applaud their work and expect Governor DeWine to do the same.”