“Pro-choice advocates pretend that abortion and women’s health are one and the same. They are not!”

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve quoted from Christina Francis, Chair of the board of the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs, early and often about a whole range of issues. Today, I’d like to lift from her op-ed for Newsweek, “Doublespeak on Abortion Helps Neither Women nor Children.”

Her opening two paragraphs explains the ying and yang of public policy on abortion, particularly in light of the decision of the Supreme Court to hear the challenge to Mississippi’s law that bans abortion after 15 weeks:

There’s a certain physics to American politics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When the Supreme Court announced it would take up a case challenging core tenets of Roe v. Wade, the pro-choice lobby responded, unsurprisingly, with the introduction of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that would make abortion available virtually on demand.

The problem with the Women’s Health Protection Act, however, is that women’s health is the last thing it has in mind.

Dr. Francis focuses on a real problem the Abortion Industry pretends doesn’t exist: “[T]he complications that arise in later pregnancies as a result of abortions.” Specifically, when a woman who has had prior abortions loses a child before term, “many have told me the same thing: ‘I wish I had known.’”

Her essay thoughtfully explains why there is a connection between having an abortion and having preterm deliveries in subsequent pregnancies, especially following “medication [chemical] abortions.” [The underlining is mine.]

For women who have had a surgical abortion, their risk of preterm birth increases by 30 percent. If they have had two abortions, their risk increases by nearly 90 percent. These women are also at increased risk for lasting cervical trauma, placental problems and postpartum hemorrhage that can put their own lives as well as the lives of their babies at risk. Perhaps most alarming is that the risk of preterm birth in future pregnancies rises 300 percent for women who need surgical completion of a medication abortion.

Dr. Francis shares several heartbreaking stories of very much wanted babies who died because of a premature delivery, adding

This is what the pro-choice lobby doesn’t want you to know: according to the Guttmacher Institute’s own numbers, the overwhelming majority of abortions in the U.S. are performed for socioeconomic and not medical reasons. Even so, pro-choice advocates pretend that abortion and women’s health are one and the same. They are not, and in fact, there are thousands of cases each year of abortions causing lasting damage to a woman’s health.

When you read Dr. Francis’ essay in its entirety, you’ll understand why the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” is so dangerous to women’s health.