Judge hears challenge to Indiana’s Abortion Pill Reversal law

By Dave Andrusko

Back on May 19, NRL News Today reported on a lawsuit brought by a coalition of pro-abortion groups who were suing the State of Indiana over House Bill 1577. Signed into law in April by Gov. Eric Holcomb, HB 1577 requires abortion clinics to provide women seeking chemical abortions with information about Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). 

Yesterday U.S. District Judge James Patrick Hanlon in Indianapolis heard arguments, pro and con, and said he’ll “decide as soon as possible” whether to block the law, according to the Associated Press

When the suit was originally filed, Indiana Right to Life President Mike Fichter said, “We’re not surprised by this challenge to H.B. 1577, as pro-abortion groups will stop at nothing to keep women from getting the truth about abortion pill reversal.” He added

“H.B. 1577 provides a rational approach to supplying women with factual information about abortion pill reversal. There is great irony in the lead plaintiff having ‘all options’ in its name while suing to deny women the right to know about the option of abortion pill reversal. We thank Gov. Holcomb for signing H.B. 1577 into effect and look forward to this law having its day in court.”

The law is welcomed news in light of the growing use of the two-drug chemical (“medication”) abortion. The percentage increased by nearly 2% in the state last year. Indiana Right to Life noted, “According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, chemical abortions made up 44% of the total abortions in Indiana in 2019, the last year for which there is data.” 

As the pro-abortion Indianapolis Star conceded, the law passed by overwhelming margins. “The bill passed 63-25 in the House and a 36-14 in the Senate,” according to Kaitlin Lange.

While it is the lead plaintiff, All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center, is hardly alone. “The Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, Planned Parenthood, Women’s Med Group Professional Corporation and individual physicians are also named as plaintiffs on the lawsuit,” Lange wrote. 

Chemical /medication abortion is a two-step process. APR requires that the woman not take the second drug (misoprostol) and instead take progesterone in an attempt to neutralize the impact of the first drug (mifepristone). Over 2,000 babies have been saved to date, according to Heartbeat International. 

The plaintiffs’ 29-page lawsuit is a model of unoriginality, comprised almost exclusively of 112 bullet points.

There are the usual  complaints that include; there aren’t  many abortion facilities in Indiana;  abortion, any abortion, is safe, safe, safe; “The Abortion Reversal Disclosure Requirement denies equal protection of the laws to abortion patients and providers in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment”; and the old reliable, “The Abortion Reversal Disclosure Requirement compels speech by abortion providers in violation of the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.

HB 1577 is scheduled to take effect July 1. Judge Hanlon’s decision is expected before then.