Watch his actions: President Biden is no “moderate” on abortion

By Dave Andrusko

We always respect our single-issue focus but when pro-abortionists tie together opposition to abortion with every other policy they hate, it’s hard to miss their agenda. Which is? There is never, ever enough promotion of abortion.

What do you always hear from pro-abortionists when they assume power in Washington, DC.?  That while “The GOP is going hog-wild in the states,” as the first part of the headline to an opinion piece by Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman reads, it is followed by the lament that “If only Democrats in D.C. did the same.”

The additional issues Waldman cites (over which, by the way, reasonable people can differ, no matter how much Waldman believes otherwise) are not our issues. As a side note, the notion that Democrats in our nation’s capital are timid is enough to make you wonder which party Waldman has been observing.

But if we confine ourselves to abortion, Democrats outside of DC are not the least bit shy about proposing and passing abortion laws that are extreme by any measure: abortion on demand throughout pregnancy and the withdrawal of provisions requiring care for abortion survivors—or preventing such laws from being enacted. 

Inside of DC, pro-abortion Democrats and the pro-abortion Biden-Harris administration are hacking away at protective measures enacted by the pro-life Trump administration. You can’t miss it, unless you want to.

But this phony notion that Democrats are weak-kneed on abortion—especially President Biden– is becoming a common refrain.

Waldman’s piece ran yesterday. In today’s New York Times, columnist Lisa Lerer dutifully channels pro-abortionists’ “worries.” What are they supposedly distraught about?

 “Biden’s Silence on Abortion Rights at a Key Moment Worries Liberals.”

It’s a curious piece. In a not-so-subtle slap at President Biden, early on Lerer writes

After Mr. Biden signed executive orders expanding abortion access and overturning restrictions on the use of taxpayer dollars for clinics that refer or counsel patients to terminate pregnancies, he took a victory lap for protecting “women’s health access” and returning to the policies that existed before former President Donald J. Trump took office.

But later in the story she acknowledges

In office, Mr. Biden has reversed several Trump administration policies, including rolling back restrictions on abortion pills, removing a ban on federally funded medical research that uses fetal tissue from abortions, and reversing limits on funding for U.S. and international groups that provide abortion services or referrals.

He’s been busy. 

Moreover, according to a headline in POLITICO, “Biden expected to use budget to strengthen abortion rights bona fides: Omitting traditional anti-abortion provisions from his budget proposal could be his strongest statement yet on the issue.” There are additional measures the Biden administration has taken—or begun to take—to make life difficult for the defenders of unborn children.

So, what exactly isn’t he doing? We read, “As a case before the Supreme Court threatens Roe v. Wade and Democrats’ urgency grows, many activists believe the president needs to be bolder in defending reproductive rights.” In other words Biden isn’t talking enough about abortion. He isn’t touting the wonderfulness of abortion from the top of the Hill and this makes “activists” worried.

Yet as have almost all pro-abortion Democrats do, Biden couches his support for abortion in backing for “reproductive rights.”

And, as Lerer writes, “Congressional Democrats pushing legislation on abortion say they are largely satisfied with the administration’s stance.” Notice the following quote [underlining mine].

“They’re juggling quite a few policies, but their agenda is an agenda that values reproductive rights for women,” said Representative Barbara Lee of California, a Democrat who has introduced several bills to roll back abortion restrictions. “I’m confident that we have a partner in the White House.” 

There are passing references, but you’d never know from Lerer’s column that the wide-open policies promoted by “activists” (read Planned Parenthood and NARAL) are strongly opposed by the American public. That’s why, for example, not including the Hyde Amendment in his Budget may satisfy the Abortion Industry and the congressional abortion caucus but is at odds with the public’s long-held resistance to funding abortion. But evidently that is the path Biden will take this week. 

The truth is simple.

Whether President Biden acts as a ventriloquist for the Abortion Industry by mouthing all the right words, his actions are what counts. He is no closet “moderate.” Like his party, Biden has become a dyed in the wool abortion advocate.