Thank Your Elected Official for overriding Kansas Gov. Kelly’s Veto of HB 2183 (Election Integrity bill)

By Kansans for Life (KFL)

Great news!

On Monday, May 3, the Kansas House and Senate each voted to override Gov. Kelly’s veto of House Bill 2183, legislation which will help ensure the integrity of our elections in Kansas and stop ballot harvesting.

The House vote was 85-38, and the Senate vote was 28-12.

With HB 2183 now becoming law, legislators have taken a positive step toward preventing the abortion industry and its allies from abusing the election process in order to defeat the “VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment” at the ballot box next year.

KFL will continue to fight for election integrity as we know the abortion industry will stop at nothing to achieve its goal of unlimited and unregulated abortion in Kansas.

Legislators tell us that they appreciate hearing from their constituents, so please take a moment to message your representative and/or senator to thank him or her for voting in support of HB 2183. If an elected official did not vote to override the veto, you will see a notification that your official is not being targeted at this time. This could be one or both of your elected officials.

Thank you!

Editor’s note. As KFL has explained previously, “The Value Them Both Amendment is of utmost importance because recent state court rulings have cleared the path to unlimited abortion in Kansas. Passing the amendment will protect the reasonable regulations the state has placed on the abortion industry, including parent’s rights to be involved in their minor daughter’s abortion decision, minimum health and safety standards for abortion facilities, informed consent for women considering abortion, and no taxpayer-funding of abortion.”