Pastor describes how witnessing abortions changed his mind

By Sarah Terzo

Pastor Zolton Phillips was a member of the Clergy Advisory Counsel to the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood. He participated in the campaign to legalize abortion and counseled parishioners to have them. 

After years of pro-choice advocacy, he witnessed four abortions at Planned Parenthood and changed his stand.

Here is how he describes one of the abortions.

We went into the procedure room. I stood at the head of the lady as her legs were placed in the stirrups, the doctor sat down, and the nurse stood at his side. Following four cervical injections that were painful to the lady, she was dilated by a series of rods increasing in size. Then an ominous-looking machine with a gauze bag inside a jar was pushed close to her. The vacuum tube was put in position, the machine turned on, and a sucking sound I’ll never forget filled the room. As a mass of fluid and blood went into the jar, the gauze bag caught the fragmented body parts where I saw what appeared to be a tiny hand catch in the bag.

I asked the nurse, “Is that what I think it is?” She said, “Yeah.”

After it was over, the ashen-faced woman staggered back to the other room, supported by no one until I went to her aid. The rest of my day was filled with gloom.

I spoke with some people at Planned Parenthood about my uneasy feelings and was told they would disappear after seeing a few more abortions.

Pastor Zolton Phillips, “I Changed my Stand.” 

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