New pregnancy guide app shows stunning footage of developing unborn baby

The app allows a mother to follow her pregnancy and visualise what her baby looks like

By SPUC—The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

A new app allows expectant parents to trace the journey of their unborn baby week by week, giving developmental facts and stunning imagery of the unborn child.

Remarkable footage of unborn babies

From as early as five weeks, the “See Baby Pregnancy Guide” (available for IOS and Android) shows videos of a tiny baby in remarkable detail. The footage used is far more powerful than anything ultrasound can accomplish, because it was created through embryoscopy and fetoscopy, whereby a camera is placed right up against the amniotic sac to view the baby moving around in living colour. 

Because of the transparency of the skin in these early weeks of development, the heart, its chambers, and its beating motion can be clearly seen.

The app also gives developmental facts for each week of pregnancy, tips for the mother, the weight of the baby, and even tracks the heartbeat!

Baby Chris

This resource, which allows a mother to follow her pregnancy and visualise what her baby looks like (and share the images with others), is part of a unique project by a coalition of over 25 U.S. pro-life organisations.

As well as the app, the journey of “baby Chris”, as the baby in the footage has been dubbed, can be followed from conception to birth on a website, The website is posting baby Chris’ development from March 25, celebrated as the “Day of the Unborn Child” and when the feast of the Annunciation is marked, to Christmas Day.

The website says: “During this nine month journey, we will provide you with resources for education, social media, and prayer. We want the whole country to see the baby in the womb, our youngest neighbor. By seeing these children and knowing more about their development, people can see more clearly that these are our brothers and sisters, and need to be protected and cherished.”

This project seems like a wonderful way to share the joy of pregnancy, as well as illustrating the humanity of the unborn child!