Important Pro-life Bills being considered by the Missouri House; Contact Your Legislators!

By Missouri Right to Life

There are two important pro-life bills that have been passed out of House Committees and are headed to the House floor: HB 852 and HB 431.

HB 852 will prevent public funding of abortion services and unethical research with aborted babies.

In 2006, the people of Missouri were deceived by a redefinition of “cloning” and the $33 million dollars spent by proponents. And, instead of banning human cloning, Missourians voted to place a right to clone and do embryonic stem cell research in our Missouri Constitution. However, there is no requirement for state funding of these life-destroying procedures.

Every year since 2006, these same proponents of these life destroying procedures come to the Missouri legislature seeking our tax dollars to build businesses that destroy the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands of babies in their beginning stage of life.

Missouri must make it abundantly clear that public monies or tax incentives will not be used for the taking of innocent human lives through abortion services, human cloning, or embryonic stem cell research.

In addition, we know from video evidence that Planned Parenthood (and probably any number of stand-alone abortion clinics) have been selling baby body parts to research firms for years. We must insure that this does not happen here in the state of Missouri.  HB 431will prevent profiteering from aborted baby body parts and ensure that every baby’s remain are buried with dignity. 

 This bill will be coming to the House Floor in the days ahead. 

On both of these critical bills, please contact your state representative and ask them to request a debate and a vote on HCS HB 852 and HB 431. Encourage them to strongly support and vote for these important pieces of legislation.