Bill banning abortions because of genetic abnormality falls one vote short in Arizona; bill could be revisited later in the session

By Dave Andrusko

It was an excruciatingly painful loss Wednesday in Arizona when Senate Bill 1457 fell one vote short of passage. 

Howard Fischer reported that “Sen. Tyler Pace, R-Mesa, sided with all 14 Democrats” in voting against SB 1457.

It is unclear whether the measure will be revisited again this session and/or with additional language but, as  Fischer wrote, “Wednesday’s vote may not be the final word.”

As NRL News Today reported, Senate Bill 1457 would make it a felony for abortionists to knowingly perform an abortion because the child has been prenatally diagnosed with a genetic anomaly, most often Down syndrome.

Bills banning abortion because of genetic anomaly, race, and/or gender have passed in ten states.

The bill had other components. They include prohibiting abortion drugs from being sent through the mails (making dangerous “Do It Yourself” abortions possible), banning the spending of any state money with organizations that provide abortion care. and requiring a burial or cremation of the remains of an aborted baby.