A preview of the multitude of Biden-Harris’ first 100 day stories

By Dave Andrusko

On Friday, pro-abortion President Joe Biden and his equally pro-abortion (and then some) Vice President Kamala Harris will commemorate/celebrate/observe their 100th day in office. On Thursday, National Right to Life will offer an overview of what is—unquestionably—the most fervently pro-abortion tandem ever. 

When you read it, you will have a thorough grasp of what the Biden administration has done in just over three months to attempt to stamp out the pro-life legacy of Donald Trump.

The usual media suspects will, as they have for well over a year, pooh-pooh his assaults on unborn babies, settling instead for nonsense such as Biden as a “transformative” President. The only thing Biden/Harris have transformed since January 20 is the attitude coming from the White House toward the most defenseless of all Americans.

To President Trump, unborn babies were not “numbers” (which is the way most accounts will tabulate Biden-Harris’s accomplishments) but individual members of the human community to whom we owe respect and protection.

Biden apologists love to talk about “Biden’s restoration of New Deal-style government.”  As single-issue pro-lifers, we have no opinion on this, except to the extent to which greater government resources are directed to enlarge the number of abortions.

Speaking of numbers, one number worth highlighting (or lowlighting) is Executive Orders. Writing for NPR, Jason Breslow observed

While Biden may be lagging his predecessors on the number of bills he has signed, he’s far outpacing them on executive orders. Biden has issued 42 to date, more than any president going back to Harry Truman. He may have campaigned on bringing bipartisanship back to Washington, but much of his early focus at least has been on policies he can implement on his own…

This paragraph reminds us of a harsh truth: Biden, for all his talk of “unity” has operated without the support of virtually any Republicans. Moreover, those Executive Orders began (with more to come) by gutting the Trump administration’s “Protecting Women’s Health at Home and Abroad.” It was the first of many actions to establish a federal pipeline directly into the coffers of the Abortion Industry, at home and aboard.

As mentioned above, NRLC will offer its synopsis April 29th. Please look for it.

In her January column for NRL News, NRL President Carol Tobias closed her inspirational talk with this. It was—and remains—wonderful advice:

The pro-life movement has had challenges before and we have always risen to meet, and overcome, them.  We will continue to do so, and we will prevail. 

For the sake of the babies and the medically vulnerable, we must.