Teen Mom rejects abortion, her little girl is now “my entire world”

By Dave Andrusko

Overcoming their issues: Maddie and Isaac have found a way to co-parent their daughter, knowing it’s what’s best for her.

Give the British publication The Daily Mail full credit. It often does a terrific job bringing the news about pro-life American stories to the world. Take for example, a story that ran yesterday with this lengthy but very helpful headline:

Texas teen mom who got pregnant when she was just 13 recalls the hatred she faced from trolls who urged her to get an abortion – and said they wanted her and her baby to DIE during labor

The story, written by Erica Tempesta, is both a tribute to a gutsy Maddie Lambert, from Ft. Worth, Texas, and a vivid reminder of how ugly social media in general, online trolls in particular, can be.

Maddie became pregnant at 13, “saying she had contemplated getting an abortion or putting her daughter up for adoption. ‘[But] literally the second I looked at that ultrasound screen I knew I can’t give up this baby.”

The story is honest. It does not sugarcoat being pregnant at 13 or having your 15 year old boyfriend first think you were “joking” and then asking for a paternity test and then vanishing for the first ten months of their daughter’s life.

But in the end you admire Maddie and her ex-boyfriend Isaac, who have worked out a way to co-parent Everly, their now three-year-old daughter, because it is best for her.

Maddie told Tempesta she had “always looked down on teen parents.”

“When I actually got pregnant, I was so scared of the reaction I was going to get, and I did get a lot of negative reactions, a lot of hate,’ she said. ‘Everybody had something to say, and they didn’t hold back.’

‘People would say, “You’re ruining your life,”‘ she continued. ‘I had people send me the address to abortion clinics when I was about seven months pregnant.’

The mother of one recalled how her classmates would put balls under their T-shirts in gym class and walk around, saying: ‘Hi, I’m Maddie Lambert. I’m a teen mom.’ 

Madde told Tempesta all the hate made her want to be ‘the best mom ever’:

‘Somebody even messaged me saying, “I hope you guys die in labor,”‘ she shared. ‘I took that and I shifted it. I said, “This is making my life.” 

‘The hate made me want to do better; it made me want to show them that I’m going to be the best mom ever, even though I’m young.’ 

According to Tempesta, Maddie decided on a ‘whim’ to film her first YouTube video with her daughter  when Everly  was four months old. Her channel now  has 1.53 million subscribers  [www.youtube.com/channel/UCI0kgzbiHZPwth7qnfALjFg].

“Everly didn’t only change my life, she saved my life,” Maddie told the Daily Mail. “I struggled with depression before. I had a suicide attempt when I was 13 before I got pregnant with Everly. 

‘I was having trouble finding my place on this Earth and why I was here. When I found that I was pregnant with her, it gave me a reason to fight.’

Tempesta ends Maddie’s story with these encouraging words:

‘A good mom is someone who drops everything for their child — I dropped my whole childhood.

‘I do everything for that little girl. She’s my entire world,’ she added. ‘I feel like she can have such an impact. She wants to be the first astronaut on Jupiter. 

‘She’s gonna do it.’