Reading the March issue of NRL News provides an excellent summary of the latest developments on all fronts

By Dave Andrusko

On Tuesday, posted the March digital edition of National Right to Life News, the “pro-life newspaper of record,” and reminded our faithful readers that it was now in their email inboxes. I’m trusting you have both read a number of news stories/commentaries/President’s column, and forwarded individual stories to pro-life family and friends.  As a reminder, if you are receiving our NRL News Today blog, you ought to be also receiving our monthly compilation of the best and most current pro-life news. If not, it takes 90 seconds to sign up here.

In addition to all the stories about the anti-life actions of the Biden-Harris administration,  there was much good news in state legislatures and in a variety of court cases. What else will you find in this 42-page issue, besides Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon deft explanation of a very important statement from the American College of  Pediatricians on fetal pain?

There’s Maria Gallagher’s wonderful page four story headlined, “Recognizing “the power of our words to affirm life.” On page 12, we dissect the latest annual report from Planned Parenthood.

Later, on page 14, Paul Stark poses the fundamental question, “Who counts? The great question of justice of our time.” The choice, he adds, “is between exclusion and inclusion.”

To name just two more, on page 17 we read the powerful story of Colin Clark under the headline, “He refused assisted suicide after brain cancer. Now he’s running triathlons.” Then on page 26, the heartwarming story of how “’AngelEye’ allows family to keep a watchful eye 24/7 on hospitalized babies separated by COVID-19.”

Here’s hoping you continue dipping into this wonderful resource, and are sharing it with pro-life family and friends.