Parental Consent is a great step forward. Our minor girls deserve to be protected in law!

By Lynda Bell, President, Florida Right to Life

Editor’s note. This appeared a year ago in the March 2020 issue of National Right to Life News. It is a wonderful explanation of why parental consent laws are so important. Per the first paragraph, pro-life Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did sign the bill into law.

On February 20th the Florida Legislature passed the “Parental Consent Before a Minor’s Abortion” Bill. Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law any day now.

This was a hard fought victory that was years in the making.  Florida families and minor girls in Florida will now be protected in law. Special thanks to the bill’s sponsors, State Rep. Erin Grall and State Sen. Kelli Stargel. This legislation puts the family back into the conversation concerning their underage girls. 

While we(the pro life community) believe it to be unthinkable that a minor child can undergo an elective surgical procedure without a parent’s permission, pro-abortion organizations fought with zeal to stop this common sense legislation. 

Let’s look at areas where parental permission is required regarding children. An underage child must have permission to get their ears pierced, get a tattoo, take an aspirin, or go on a field trip with their school.  Logically, it is absurd that a child can be ushered off to an abortion clinic with no parental permission! In fact, abortion is the only elective surgical procedure that can be done without a parent’s permission.

I attended many hearings, testified, and listened to the ridiculous and empty arguments against parental consent. The irony here is that this legislation does not outlaw abortion; it simply protects minor girls. 

While abortion bills usually pass on strict party lines, not so with parental consent. Five African America Democrat legislators broke ranks with their party and voted in support of the bill. Florida Right to Life is so appreciative that they cared more about minor girls than falling in lockstep with their party!

It is common knowledge that children do not reach full majority until their early twenties, and teens are known for their impulsive actions. In fact the pro-abortion left, including those who profit from abortion, argue that underage children are not mature enough to make decisions about smoking, drinking, carrying a firearm or voting. However, they think it is no problem for the same child to make an abortion decision. This defines the very definition of absurd!.

The lack of parental consent in a state is a sex trafficker, or child rapists dream. They can and do abuse the minor, take her to an abortion clinic and continue the abuse. We in the pro-life community have heard countless times about minor girls being taken for abortion. While states require those be reported if abuse is suspected, they are most often not. When a parent is left out of the discussion abuse abounds and children are unprotected. 

Parental Consent is a great step forward. Our minor girls deserve to be protected in law!