Value Them Both Amendment Passes Kansas Senate, Voters Will Now Decide

By Kansans for Life (KFL)

On Thursday, January 28, the Kansas Senate approved the Value Them Both Amendment to the Kansas Constitution which will be on a statewide ballot in August 2022.

The measure, which had already passed the House, received 28 votes with 11 opposing.

The proposed amendment would state that “the constitution of the state of Kansas does not require government funding of abortion and does not create or secure a right to abortion.”

Value Them Both is needed to protect existing limits on the abortion industry that have been passed into law. Every one of these limits was approved with bi-partisan support and is a major factor in reducing the Kansas abortion rate by almost 50% since 1999.

All were put at risk in 2019 in the Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt verdict in which the Kansas Supreme Court declared nearly unlimited abortion a “right” throughout our beautiful state. Now this “right” can defeat even the most broadly accepted pro-life laws and further threaten women and babies. 

“Value Them Both safeguards the bi-partisan supported limits on the abortion industry that protect both women and their babies,” stated Jeanne Gawdun, KFL Director of Government Affairs. “Thank you to the State Senators who backed the measure and struck down extreme amendments that would leave vulnerable women behind.”

Those interested in watching the State Senate debate can do so here. Notice that allies of the abortion industry keep using the same tired line of attack and offered some extreme amendments. The abortion industry has consistently opposed any reasonable limits on abortion and treats both women and babies like commodities.

As was the case in the House, an attempt was made to change the language of the Value Them Both Amendment so that even minimum health and safety standards for abortion clinics would not be required when a woman is a victim of sexual assault or if her life is in danger. Senators Molly  Baumgardner (R-Louisburg) and Kellie Warren (R-Leawood) both did an excellent job of pushing back against this radical concept that was being promoted by Senator Pat Pettey (D-Kansas City). 

Gawdun continued, “There were many heroes who stood for mothers and babies. Special thanks to Senators Baumgardner and Warren for carrying the amendment during floor debate. Additionally, Senator Renee Erickson (R-Wichita) and Senate President Ty Masterson (R-Andover) showed exceptional leadership throughout this whole process.”

The callous nature of the abortion industry knows no bounds. The idea that they would deny a young girl who has been sexually assaulted and dropped off at an abortion clinic the protections of parental notification and informed consent should outrage all Kansans. 

The Kansas House had previously passed Value Them Both on Friday, January 22 by a vote of 86-38. In addition to the tremendous efforts of the House bill carriers and leadership, freshman Rep. Patrick Penn (R-Wichita), whose mother chose life, gave a stirring speech on the floor in support of Value Them Both. See the video here

KFL asks Kansans to take a moment to thank the state legislators who supported Value Them Both and express their disappointment to those who denied Kansans a voice in this process. 

Now the real work begins as we strive toward the passage of Value Them Both at the ballot box in August 2022!