Woman calls her aborted baby a “magical little being”

By Sarah Terzo

A woman named Isa who had an abortion by pill said:

“It’s not a heartless decision at all. Some people say it’s just cells — it’s still definitely a magical little being.”

The article about Isa says:

“Isa said she had ‘baby fever’ up until the time she would have given birth. Even so, she doesn’t regret her decision because she feels her baby’s spirit is still with her all the time. She said in a way she considers herself a mother and she believes her baby is at peace and is not angry with her.”

Isa says:

“My conversations with women about their abortions have been some of the most connective and beautiful conversations I’ve had.”

Maggie Quinlan and Rachel Sun, “You Know Her: Six Pullman women tell their abortion stories” The Daily Evergreen May 23, 2019.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.