U.S. Supreme Court Ruling: A Victory for Women and Their Children

By Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation 

HARRISBURG, Pa. –The U.S. Supreme Court should be applauded for its landmark ruling banning abortion facilities from mailing abortion drugs to women.

“This is a victory for women and their children, in Pennsylvania and throughout the country,” said Maria V. Gallagher, legislative director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, an affiliate of National Right to Life.

“Abortions-by-mail violate the very idea of sound medical practice and high-quality care for patients,” Gallagher said. “By pushing this dangerous practice, the abortion industry had demonstrated once again it is far more concerned about expanding abortion rather than safeguarding the health and safety of women,” Gallagher added.  

A recently released report by the Pennsylvania Department of Health shows that, in 2019, 285 abortion complications were reported, an astronomical increase of 59 percent from the 2018 totals. The vast majority of the complications involved baby body parts being left in the mother’s womb, followed by bleeding and infection.  

A Pennsylvania abortion operation announced this week it was expanding abortion in the Keystone State by offering abortion drugs by mail. Planned Parenthood Keystone’s website stated individuals could receive the drugs at home “instead of coming into one of our health centers.”

“There just are not enough safeguards in place with abortions by mail,” Gallagher said. “We are grateful the Supreme Court acted swiftly to protect women from these dangerous abortions,” Gallagher added.

“Planned Parenthood Keystone should immediately shut down its abortion-by-mail program and remove it from its website for the well-being of women in the Commonwealth,” Gallagher stated.