Truth be told, the abortion lobby, and its think tank, is wildly out of step with the American people

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. As part of our ongoing series of what appeared a year ago in NRL News Today, I offer this critique of the Guttmacher Institute which is as 100% as accurate today as it was in January 2020.

If  there’s a better example of the pot calling the kettle black than the Guttmacher Institute, I’ve yet to encounter it. Guttmacher used to be housed within Planned Parenthood but eventually spun off. Now it packages itself as an “independent” source of analysis, whose commitment is “to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and globally.” 

In English (or French or Swahili—Planned Parenthood is aggressively moving in Africa) that means multiplying the number of dead babies here and abroad. And they do so quite effectively, because their media cohorts accept their analysis as if it came down from the secular equivalent of Mt. Sinai, and because Planned Parenthood and International Planned Parenthood has access to gazillions in public and private dollars.

   So what is it they are accusing us of that they are themselves most assuredly guilty? Extremism. You will never, ever in 10,000 years hear the New York Times or the Washington Post refer to Guttmacher as “extremists,” but that is exactly what they are.

I could offer any number of examples but here’s one cranked out just last week by Megan K. Donovan.

Here’s the headline– “Gestational Age Bans: Harmful at Any Stage of Pregnancy.” Just to be clear, in Guttmacher’s estimation, there is no stage of pregnancy at which states may say “No!” you cannot kill this child.

Before you read the first paragraph, you knew how this would work. If you said abortions should be banned moments before birth, Guttmacher would find an instance—any instance—which (Guttmacher would tell you) means the ban is impermissible. 

It is a classic pro-abortion strategy: the exception swallows the rule, as completely as a python swallows a mouse. And they are increasingly brazen about it because they are never called on it, except by the likes of NRL News Today.

Here’s Guttmacher’s  third “highlight”: “States such as Oregon and Vermont are leading the way in enacting laws that prohibit government interference in abortion care throughout pregnancy.”

What does that mean? Exactly what it says: “throughout pregnancy.” 

And it is, as the Marxists used to say, no accident that at the same time states such as New York are legalizing abortion all the way to birth, they are also removed abortion from the criminal code. So what, you ask?

When a man brutalizes a woman and her unborn baby is killed, he cannot be charged with a crime for the child’s death. 

On top of that, these law remove requirements that abortion survivors be treated like any other baby born prematurely. That is brazen infanticide by neglect.

One other point, again under the “committing the very offense you charge others (in this case, us) with.”

“Gestational age bans are nothing more than a smokescreen,” Donovan tells us. Since the goal of pro-lifers is to eventually protect all unborn babies, pro-abortionists insists it’s perfectly okay to kill babies up through birth, and (they’re disingenuous about this) perhaps afterwards.  

They are the ones employing the smokescreen to hide the absolutely undeniable logic of their own position: it is open season on babies up through the 40th week of pregnancy, as the sponsor of a 2019 bill in Virginia admitted.

It’s our job to clear away the smoke and the rhetorical underbrush in order to educate the American public to this truth. By any measure, the abortion lobby, and its think tank, is wildly out of step with the American people.