Tragic Anniversary Marked Today, Roe v. Wade, Year 48

Death Toll: 62 Million Babies and Counting

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Forty-eight years ago today, seven men in black robes condemned to death the unborn children of America. The U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was intended – by those who supported it – to be the end of the controversy over abortion. The ruling was intended to “settle” the issue once and for all.

What abortion supporters failed to take into account are the millions of Americans who are absolutely determined that this ruling shall not stand. Forty-eight years later, abortion remains the most contentious issue in our nation’s politics because the American people refuse to accept the unthinkable – that the killing of an innocent child is an acceptable solution to an unwanted pregnancy.

One of the final actions of pro-life President Donald Trump before he left office this week was to issue a Proclamation declaring today National Sanctity of Human Life Day. The Proclamation can be found here.

Oklahomans For Life is affiliated with National Right to Life. The January issue of National Right to Life News can be downloaded here.

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias issued a statement thanking President Trump for the countless actions he undertook on behalf of Life:

“President Trump has been a champion in seeking to protect unborn children. We are grateful for his dedication to the right to life and the work his administration has done on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. We thank President Trump for his unwavering commitment to the right to life and to unborn babies and their mothers.” 

A Special Election will be held to fill the vacancy in State Senate District 22. The Primary is February 9, and the General Election is April 6. Candidate responses to our Oklahomans For Life Candidate Survey are posted on our Oklahomans For Life website. Please click here.

Both Republican candidates submitted pro-life answers; neither Democrat candidate answered our pro-life survey. 

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