Pro-choice reporters exposed to reality of abortion during abortionist’s testimony

By Sarah Terzo

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer

An article in The Irish Times tells how pro-choice reporters were made uncomfortable by testimony from an abortionist at the Kermit Gosnell trial. Gosnell was convicted of [three counts of] murder for killing babies born alive after abortions as well as involuntary manslaughter in the case of a woman who died at his clinic.

The pro-choice reporters’ reaction is to the testimony of abortionist Dr. Karen Feisullin:

“The jury and many in the courtroom shifted uncomfortably as they heard about “tools going up into the uterus and basically pulling parts out . . . an arm or a leg or some portion of that”.

And those were the easy, early abortions. For later procedures, Dr Feisullin explained the foetus was so well-formed that it couldn’t be ripped apart in the uterus. It was normally removed – through the birth canal – completely intact. But, as Feisullin explained, a baby born at 23 weeks has a 40-50 per cent chance of surviving. To avoid a live baby coming out during an abortion, the doctor demonstrated how, before the abortion, a poison – potassium chloride – was injected through the woman’s stomach directly into the baby’s heart. This would stop the heartbeat, allowing the foetus to be pulled out intact.

Dr Feisullin was asked what would happen if she missed the heart and the baby was born alive.

She explained that the live baby would be covered with a blanket and given “comfort care”.

You could see the genuine puzzlement of people in the court about what “comfort care” was until Dr Feisullin cleared up any confusion.

“You . . . really just keep it warm, you know. It will eventually pass,” she said.

Steve Volk, a Philadelphia-based journalist for an alternative newspaper who described himself as comfortably pro-choice before the trial, said that, as Dr Feisullin spoke, his fellow reporters all checked if they had heard correctly.”

Ann McElhinney, Phelim McAleer ,“Ann McElhinney: Abortion campaigners should be careful about what they wish forThe Irish Times Nov 10, 2015.

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