Love Life Amendment Received Most Votes in History! Louisiana Life Marches Scheduled for January!

By Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director Louisiana Right to Life


Let me share one more tidbit about the Love Life Amendment: The Love Life Amendment received more favorable votes (1,274,167) than any candidate or ballot initiative IN LOUISIANA HISTORY! 

I think that’s pretty awesome! Read the Advocate story about the amendment. 

Interestingly, leaders of the pro-abortion industry in Louisiana do not see our victory as a pro-life mandate. In fact, they see their taking 38% of the vote as further reason for abortion groups around the nation to “invest” in making Louisiana pro-abortion. 

It was no surprise, then, that local abortion groups received $250,000 in campaign contributions to spend against our amendment from out-of-state groups in the final weeks before the vote.

We can’t let their goal of making Louisiana pro-abortion succeed here. We must build on the momentum of the Love Life Amendment!

Our theme for our 2021 march for life across Louisiana is “Walking the Talk.” We brought our pro-life passion to the polls, and every day, our movement walks the talk by helping mothers, babies, and families build a culture of life. Now, let’s step up our pro-life action in 2021 to serve our state and save every life from abortion! Our 2021 Life Marches will focus on how the pro-life movement is walking the talk and what we must do collectively to build a future without abortion. 

At this time, all of our five Louisiana Life March events (Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles, and Alexandria) are on. Things will look different of course. State rules will require participants to wear masks and remain socially distanced (except those in the same household). We are still working with local officials on specifics in every location, so please stay tuned to for all updates. But please spread the word and make plans to attend!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana.