Anticipating what Planned Parenthood’s annual report will say

By Dave Andrusko

Like clockwork, you can expect the Centers for Disease Control to release its latest abortion figures the day before Thanksgiving.  Why that day of all days is a mystery.

Likewise, Planned Parenthood is less exact but its numbers (and its self-flattering profile of what it does) customarily are released in January. So we can anticipate something quite soon.

In the meanwhile, Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research, has produced his annual tabulation of the number of abortions since the 1973 twin disasters of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. The number has now reached a staggering 62, 502,904.

You can view the chart here and Dr. O’Bannon’s excellent explanation here.

Here are just three quick points as we anticipate PPFA’s annual report.

#1. While the number of abortions has thankfully decreased to roughly half of what they were at their peak, PPFA continues to increase its “market share.” That’s what you can accomplish when you are a $1.6 billion+ “non-profit” with a political arm that helps elect candidates who agree with you that there can never be enough abortions. Speaking of which

#2. We can anticipate that Planned Parenthood continues to receive nearly $1.7 million dollars every day from U.S. taxpayers. Of course, for PPFA, that’s not enough which one reason (among many) is they want all limitations removed on taxpayer funding of abortion. That would include terminating the Hyde Amendment and changing Title X criteria to again allow abortion “providers” to locate with genuine family planning services and more explicitly promote abortion. And

#3. Whatever bogus minimal figure PPFA cites—3% or 4%–in truth, even the Washington Post Factchecker knows that abortion is crucial to the nation’s largest abortion and constitutes far more than 3% or 4% of its “services.”

Again, if you have a chance, please read Dr. O’Bannon’s fine explanation of his tabulation of the total number of live lost since 1973 and the graphic illustrating the numbers.