16th week of development inside the womb!

Here goes fact #16 for the 16th week of development inside the womb! Please share with your friends to help inform the public just how beautiful life is (especially pregnant friends who would like to know about the development of their baby!).

Week 16: Many parts of the baby’s body are developing at a rapid pace. The retina in the eye now has distinct layers, neuron multiplication in the brain is COMPLETE by this time, AND teeth enamel begins to develop.

As for the lower half of the baby’s body, all limbs and joints are now FULLY formed. Look at that perfect little foot! This baby is clearly stretching and flexing its tiny foot, which they can do at 16 weeks. With all these new abilities come new talents, like being able to grab the umbilical cord, too. Crazy how people claim these are not people, though, right? #40weeks40facts