Told to abort more than 10 times, Mom celebrates her second Christmas with her daughter

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This latest installment in our ongoing series of stories that appeared a year ago in National Right to Life News Today is an example of my favorite kind of pro-life posts: women who stare down those who tell them to abort.

What mother wouldn’t be celebrating her child’s second Christmas, especially when Miyah Conlin had undergone successful open-heart surgery on Christmas Eve, 2018? But Chloe Conlin, 21, is even more grateful because she’d been advised more than ten times to abort her baby!

Conlin told Gemma Mullin of the British publication The Sun that she’d previously had a stillborn baby and then, in her 20th week, learned Miyah had major problems: she had half a heart.

“When I was pregnant they told me to have an abortion over 10 times because they said she wouldn’t be compatible with life, it would be a real struggle and she probably wouldn’t live until her first birthday,” she told The Sun. But Ms. Conlin refused to give up.

Miyah had open-heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to address her right atrial isomerism condition soon after she was born at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

“She hasn’t had any major hospital admissions since then,” Conlin told Mullin. “She’s been doing really well. She’s got another one coming up in the next couple of years and that will be her last surgery that they can do for her, then after that it will be to see how far she can actually go.”

In the meanwhile Ms. Conlin is celebrating her child’s major milestones as they approach her first Christmas outside the hospital. Miyah is “doing really well at the moment,” said Ms. Conlin.

“They told me she wouldn’t be reaching her milestones.

“She took her first steps about three weeks ago.

“She’s running around now. She says ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ and she shakes her head, ‘No’, she says ‘Ta’.

“She’s learning a lot more, she’s acknowledging a lot more as well.”