HATEFUL CNN: Trump Deserved Our Treatment of Him

By Joseph Norris

CNN hack Chris Cuomo took the time during the Tuesday evening broadcast of Cuomo Prime Time to argue that Trump deserved the atrocious media treatment of him over the past four years. During the latter half of the show, the partisan anchor brought on former ABC News host Sam Donaldson, who endorsed several Democrats in 2020, to praise the left-wing press: “But the men and the women that had to deal with Donald J. Trump, they had something as unprecedented in our history. I complement each and every one of them.”

It is hard to imagine that anything Donald Trump could have done warranted the war the partisan media has waged on him. It does not warrant the litany of false and misleading narratives that they made up about the President, or covering up the good things the President did while in office?

Given the deluge of negative news, partisan attacks, blatant opinions, and failure to report on the news, it is not difficult to see why Trump’s attacks on the media were able to stick so well. Maybe if CNN and the leftist media had actually done their jobs the past few years the attacks wouldn’t have.

This was, of course, ignored by Donaldson, who instead excused such behavior:

“The way that men and women have done for the past four years, increasingly towards the end of the Trump era. And that is to call a lie a lie. Ask why he lies and ask him to explain it and to be very aggressive. I was once known as aggressive; I was a pussy cat. And I could be because the Presidents that I covered were gentlemen. They never said, at least to my face, I should be fired or a disgrace to the networks.”

There was no mention of what Trump’s actual offense was, other than he wasn’t a “gentleman”. The former host did not stop there, but further encouraged the Republican Party to completely remove the President from the party: “Now this Republican Party can reconstitute itself. I hope it is, because we need two strong parties. The first thing it needs to do is cut ties with Donald J. Trump.”

Not once during the tirade did Cuomo step in and ask for details, evidence, or even actual news.

Regardless of Trump’s attacks against the media, nothing excuses the complete abandonment of their job to honest and unbiasedly reporting of the news.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.