Kentucky abortion statistics for past calendar year now online

By Kentucky Right to Life Association

By law the Vital Statistics Branch must publish Kentucky’s abortion statistics for the calendar year by September 30. The 2019 Report shows an increase of 460 abortions at the EMW clinic over 2018. This increase may reflect that the Abortion Pill Reporting Requirements Law was passed in 2019.

Hospital abortions would be those to save the mother’s life, we assume.

The Report shows that women ages 20-24 have the most abortions with those ages 25-29 a close second place.

Of the 3,664 abortions in Kentucky in 2019, 1,248 (34%) were for black women.

College-educated women led the way in numbers of abortions: 1,866 with women with 1-4 years of college, and those with 5+years of college had 243.

For a close count of abortions done at EMW in 2020, see these reports.