Increasingly, the momentum is shifting to President Trump’s advantage

By Dave Andrusko

Democrats are starting to feel the panic that comes when the professional talking class realizes their guy just may not win, even though he’s been ahead in polls all along. It’s as though they think 2016 was a fluke and not possible again. Everyone is measuring the drapes for their new offices in the Biden administration. They may want to hold off on that.—Karen Townsend

I’ve written this previously at NRL News Today and shared it with family and friends: you can smell the panic. Townsend is writing about something so idiotic it can only be explained by brain freeze. Joe Lockhart, one of Bill Clinton’s press secretaries who now appears (where else?) on CNN,  tweeted to ask if President Trump had suffered a stroke and was he hiding it?

Evidence? Absolutely none, but who cares? 

Anything to take attention away from pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden whose few and far between public appearances  inevitably include uttering passages so garbled you can’t possibly understand what he is struggling to say. His stay in Pittsburgh Monday was a disaster, although you’d never read that self-evident conclusion in the Washington Post or the New York Times.

There are other reasons for pro-abortion Democrats and their endless array of media enablers to be scared. Here are just a couple.

*The polling data continues to move in President Trump’s direction. We’ve talked about that before but it bears repeating.  President Trump’s convention hit on all cylinders. Mr. Biden’s was flat. President Trump’s numbers went up following last week’s convention. Mr. Biden’s numbers did not budge after the Democratic National convention. If Mr. Biden is ahead, it is by a point or two.

*My home state of Minnesota. In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried the Gopher State by a sliver. Six  Democrat mayors from Northern Minnesota [the “Iron Range”] just endorsed President Trump. When we lived there, it would have been unthinkable that one mayor from what was once a bastion of support for Democrats  would write, “Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party.”

And, “Most ominously for Democrats, there is evidence that Minnesota is becoming redder over time, with 2016 being a particular inflection point,” writes FiveThirtyEight’s Nathaniel Rakich. “In 1984, the state was 18.2 points more Democratic than the nation as a whole. But in 2016, for the first time since 1952, Minnesota voted more Republican than the rest of the U.S. …”

*The hidden (or silent) Trump supporter. As the 2016 campaign came to a conclusion, the Trafalgar Group was the only poll showing Trump ahead in Michigan. “A similar story played out in Pennsylvania in 2016,” writes John McCormick. “Non-partisan public polls showed Clinton leading Trump by two to six points in the run-up to the election. Trafalgar showed Trump ahead by one point (the only poll showing Trump ahead), and he carried Pennsylvania by 0.7 points on Election Day.”

How do they do it? They “better identify hidden voters,” Trafalgar’s president Robert Cahaly tells McCormick. Most people are not consumed with politics and Trafalgar finds them by “giv[ing] people multiple ways to participate in our polls.”

“We do live calls, we do automated calls, we do texts, we do emails, we do other digital platforms.” Cahaly tries to get a sample of at least 1,000 respondents in any statewide poll: “Big samples are better samples.”

And, this is probably hugely important, they don’t ask people a ton of questions. Those respondents who wade through (say) 30 questions  are “people who really care too much about politics.”

We could cite other examples of how the wind is at President Trump’s back. 

And we will, tomorrow.

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