A truly helpful pro-life website versus “AbortionFinder.org”

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

On a website ironically titled Well + Good, an article has appeared which lauds a new tool which purports to make finding an abortion operation easier.

So much for “making abortion rare,” a one-time  common slogan of pro-abortion politicians.

The tool being championed by abortion advocates is a website known as AbortionFinder.org. It promises in its database more than 750 abortion facilities. Its partnerships include the National Abortion Federation—the “professional association” of abortion providers– and Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion operation on the planet.

The website would make one believe that abortion operations are hard to find. That hardly seems the case, given the fact that more than 900,000 abortions occur in this country in a given year. Think about that number. That is the equivalent of nine huge football stadiums filled with people.

Perhaps the marketing problem for the abortion industry isn’t the lack of websites, but what they are selling—the killing of innocent, unrepeatable children. Their “service” also leaves a woman to grieve the loss of a precious child. Research indicates it also disrupts relationships, all too many times severing them.

For a woman who is facing an unexpected pregnancy, a truly helpful website is one such as that run by CareNet. There, just by entering your zip code, you can find the nearest pregnancy resource center.

As CareNet notes, “Our network of affiliated pregnancy centers offer accurate and helpful information in a compassionate environment. We can help you find out if you are pregnant, provide you with accurate information about your options, and offer you post-decision support.” 

CareNet is just one of the many pregnancy resource center options available on the Internet. Where the abortion industry serves up despair, pregnancy help centers offer an abundance of hope. Where abortion centers end lives, pregnancy centers empower women and save lives each day.

When it comes to helping women in America today, the problem isn’t that abortion operations are tough to find—they are all too prevalent. The abortion industry itself is a barrier to aiding women and their families. No new high-tech tool can change that.     

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