In our time of the Coronavirus, a joyous news flash reminding us of the great gift of new life

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The Facebook post was impossible for me to ignore.

The black and white photo held the distinct image of a baby in profile, safely tucked away in her mother’s womb.

I had not known my friend was pregnant, until that moment when she revealed her Ultrasound to the world. And with it, Claire posted the most beautiful message, filled with a mother’s love for her unborn child.

She wrote of the excitement of seeing the sonogram image on the screen, then telling friends and family the news. She spoke of being nutrition-conscious and making sure she drank enough water.

And then Claire eloquently stated, “It’s choosing a name, it’s having your husband say her little movements are like shooting stars, it’s loving her before you’ve met her and protecting and caring for her because she is yours–given to you as a gift. It’s expecting a baby girl!”

Claire’s enthusiasm just leaped off the screen, and it was infectious. I was so happy for her, her husband, and the girl who will soon enough make her way into the world.

In our time of Coronavirus, when so much of the news looks bleak, here was a joyous news flash, a reminder of the great gift of new life.

Claire blessed her Facebook friends with her post, and her child will bless the world with her very presence. In her love letter to her preborn daughter, Claire articulated the tremendous well of devotion from which she will love her baby.

May God richly bless the preborn babies of 2020, who are filling their families with hope for the future!