Rasmussen poll offers encouraging news on protection for abortion survivors, details public’s misunderstanding about Roe v. Wade

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. Today’s reposting of a story that ran one year ago reinforces something we wrote about yesterday. CBS News touted that in its latest poll “Nearly two-thirds of Americans want Roe v. Wade kept in place.” We explained how the analysis of the survey missed all the truly important findings—all of which were welcomed news to pro-lifers—but also how misleading the conclusion was about support for Roe v. Wade. Why? People don’t know what Roe allowed. The following from a year ago talked about that in depth.

As someone who has done his small part in trying to educate the American public, I genuinely appreciate a good headline that captures 46 years of misunderstanding.

Recently Rasmussen Reports ran a story headlined,” FEW VOTERS UNDERSTAND ROE V WADE RULING; OR WHAT OVERTURNING IT WOULD MEAN.” Here are four important bullet points:

1. Thanks to incessantly misleading reporting, the public has little-to-no understanding of what Justice Blackmun and his six colleagues unleashed in 1973. A fair number don’t even know Roe (and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton) were about abortion. Many to this day (thanks to the media) think Doe and Doe legalized abortion only through the first trimester. For all practical purposes, in fact, these decisions legalized abortion on demand throughout pregnancy!

2. According to Rasmussen, “Thirty-one percent (31%) of voters incorrectly believe that abortion will be illegal if the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is overturned.” It wouldn’t. What it would do is “allow each state to set their own rules concerning abortion.” How many knew that? Barely a third (35%).

3. Later, Rasmussen breaks down how abortion influences voting [underlining is mine]:

Given a choice between one candidate who said abortion should be legal at any point during a pregnancy and a candidate who said abortion should not be allowed once a fetal heartbeat has been detected, 51% would vote for the candidate who opposed abortion once a heartbeat has been detected. Twenty-seven percent (27%) would support the candidate who believes abortion should be legal at any point during a pregnancy and 22% are not sure.

4. If you look deeper, you find a question—an important question—about how voters felt about abortion survivors: “If a live birth occurs during an abortion procedure, 69% of voters believe the doctors involved should be required to care for the child and make all reasonable efforts to keep it alive. Only 6% are opposed, 20% are not sure, and 4% preferred not to answer.” (My emphasis.)

“Only 6% are opposed.” Essentially 100% of Democrats are opposed, again illustrating how far out of touch they are with the American electorate.