Pregnant college student refuses to abort, allegedly murdered by parents because the father was of another caste

By Dave Andrusko

A terrible story today out of the South Eastern Indian state of Telangana. Authorities in Gadwai are holding the parents on murder charges in the death of their pregnant daughter, allegedly because “she refused to undergo an abortion,” Telangana Today reported.

According to P. Pavan, of the Mumbai Mirror, the parents throttled and suffocated their daughter, a college student, using bed sheets and a pillow and then ‘tried to make it look like she had some health problem and tried to take her to a nearby hospital.”

Authorities said the parents could not accept that she was in love with a man from another caste.

Due to the lockdown, she had returned to her village where her pregnancy was confirmed. The angry parents insisted on an abortion. “But the girl refused.”

“According to J Venkateshwarlu, Shanti Nagar CI, her parents had feared that she would elope, so every night they used to lock her up inside a room and the rest of the family members used to sleep outside,” TelanganaToday. They allegedly murdered their daughter late Saturday night. .

The parents fully covered their daughter’s body so as to hide the strangulation marks, Pavan reported. “We acted on a tip-off and examined the body,” a local sub-inspector told Pavan. “We found the strangulation marks on the body.