June digital edition of National Right to Life News highlights politics, impact of COVID-19, Planned Parenthood, and babies saved

By Dave Andrusko

Judging by the responses, the June digital edition of NRL News Today was very helpful to our audience. Thanks for writing me at daveandrusko@gmail.com with your thoughts and insights.

In addition to stories about the impact of the COVID-19, the wonderful pro-life response to pregnant women during the pandemic, and the wise counsel of NRL President Carol Tobias, the June issue will be remembered for stories such as  “An ex-abortionist declares, ‘I’m just glad that God is using me to do something good now.’” Dr. Kathi Aultman gave a fascinating interview to Lila Rose which provided many insights into how someone can reveal at performing abortions and then come all the way to becoming a passionate defender of life.

Paul Stark offers a point-by-point defense of why “Men shouldn’t be silent on abortion or be silenced.” This story, coming just before Father’s Day, could hardly be more timely.

The June digital issue contains a story about egregious pro-abortion media bias (“Former president of CBS News laments that “Much of journalism has become the clarion voice of the ‘resistance’ to President Trump”), and another more subtle example where the very pro-life responses of a recent CBS News poll are ignored (“In spite of the spin, new CBS News survey holds very encouraging news for pro-lifers”).

In addition, among many other stories in this 34-page issue, please read “ACLU opens second front in war against FDA-mandated protections for women undergoing chemical abortions”;  “Latest numbers show fewest abortions in Arkansas since 1977”; and “MCCL calls for resignation of Commissioner Malcolm as crisis continues in Minnesota’s long-term care centers.”

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