BREAKING: Massachusetts assisted suicide bill moves out of committee

By Massachusetts Citizens for Life

The doctor prescribed suicide bill has leaped out of committee onto the roster for a full vote during the pandemic! 

We need you to call the State House today requesting they vote NO on doctor prescribed death, S.1208. Call 617 – 722 – 2000 and request your representative’s office by giving the operator your zip code.

You can also look up your representative using your zip code here and email them. You may also contact them via social media, and this is a great mini tutorial for doing just that: Social Media and Contacting Your Elected Representative.

Some key points to remember when reaching your representative or posting on social media:

  • COVID19 mostly kills the elderly, the already-ill and people with disabilities. The assisted suicide bill, S1208, will endanger these individuals even more.
  • The doctors deciding who is eligible for assisted suicide are the same ones who were perfectly comfortable putting the elderly, the immunocompromised, and people with disabilities at the back of the line for life-preserving COVID treatment.  Legalized assisted suicide will make medical discrimination worse and ageism worse.
  • The assisted suicide bill is fatally flawed and ripe for abuse, coercion and mistakes. When care is expensive and suicide is cheap, the bill tells elders, the immuno-compromised, and people with life-threatening disabilities  that their lives are worth-less.
  • If Massachusetts legalizes assisted suicide, some people’s lives will be ended without their consent, through insurance denials, mistakes and abuse.  No safeguards have ever been enacted, or even proposed, that can prevent this outcome which can never be undone once it is put into effect.


Use the primary state house number (617 – 722 – 2000) and request your district representative and state senator’s offices.  Call and ask them to oppose S1208, the assisted suicide bill.

You can also look up your representative using your zip code here []and email them.

Send us your success reports via email or on social media! Your stories encourage your fellow citizens to continue to fight for the vulnerable

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